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Return to Kinnerton

Ten of us returned to the village of our roots, Higher Kinnerton, to dance at their 2023 village day. A definite trip down memory lane for some - it is 25 - 30 years since the side used to practice at the Scout hut.

First spot Royal Oak for a few dances, with a small but very enthusiastic audience of two, followed by a walk up the road to the Village Day event. Originally planned to dance outside the Scout hut, we actually danced in the main area and hopefully went down well with eight-man and six-man dances including the, apparently for the first time, Rose of Kinnerton. Rather a shame that the band that was due to follow us decided to tune up with full pa switched on. Made it it rather difficult to hear our acoustic musicians. Hey ho, we muddled through like the professionals we are

It would be nice if a few of the Kinnerton locals, reminded of their history, decided to join us? 👍

There were even members of the audience who remember the side at their naissance!

KMM dancers and musicians were. Roger, Bill, Peter, Neil, Kelvin, Colin, Clive, Ian, David and Mike.

Kinnerton Morris Men

Morris dancers Chester

Morris dancing Chester


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