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Kinnerton Morris Men Chester History. How and why they were formed  Morris Dancing Chester

History: Kinnerton Morris Men - Chester

Kinnerton Morris Men started in the summer of 1976 in order to perform at the local village fête. The idea was originally to do a one-off performance, but those stout hearted men found such enjoyment that they decided to continue and take on a few bookings outside the village. Mersey Morris Men became good friends and provided dance instruction and music, which was invaluable at that time.

The design of the 'kit' reflected Kinnerton's position on the borders of England and Wales, and so included the colours of the rose and daffodil.

One problem was the lack of a musician in the side. Music was recorded it onto tapes by Mersey and a key figure at bookings was therefore the man who pressed "play" on the cassette player.

As the fame of this band of heroes spread outside the village, new recruits, including musicians, came along . One of these was a lady fiddler who became a key figure in keeping the team going in those early days. She was the first of three female musicians that have helped to keep the side going for 27 years. We would have struggled without them.

After a good practice season over 1976/7 winter we were ready for a season of dancing out the following summer. Mold Market was the first venue one cloudy Spring Saturday morning. We attended a Morris Ring Meeting which was hosted by the Offley Morris Men that year, and met the Reverend Kenneth Loveless for the first time. I remember that meeting as being a most enjoyable event and a demonstration of what Morris is all about.

The team has been in continuous existence ever since.

Our dancing programme is mainly based in Cheshire and North Wales but special events have taken us to all parts of England and on numerous visits to Brittany.

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