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Kinnerton Morris Men - Chester

We are a side of Morris Men who started life in the village of Kinnerton
(on the Chester/Wales border) and have been based in Chester city for the best part of thirty years.
We perform traditional dances mainly from the Cotswold area of England, most of which originate from a number of villages in Oxfordshire and surrounding counties, including:
Banks of the Dee (H)
Valentine (H)                     
Shepherd's Hey - signposts (H) 
Dearest Dickie (H)   
The Rose (H)
Trunkles (H)
Balance the Straw - chucking across (S)
Cuckoo's Nest (H)
Constant Billy (S)
The Black Joke (H)
The Postman's Knock (S)
Lads-a-Bunchum (S)
Beaux of London City (S)
Bluebells of Scotland (S)
Constant Billy (S)
Laudnum Bunches (H)     
Lillibulero (H)
Idbury Hill (H)
William and Nancy (H)
Trunkles (H)
Three Musketeers - skirmish (S)
The Black Joker (S)
Young Collins (S)
Ladies' Pleasure (Jig)
Old Tom of Oxford (H)
Banbury Bill (H)
Bonnie Green Garters (H)
Highland Mary (H)   
Young Collins (S)
The Handkerchief Dance (H)
The Stick Dance (S)
... and from the beautiful cathedral city of Lichfield
Sherriff's Ride (H)
Vandals of Hammerwich (S)   

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