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May Day at The Boot Willington with Thelwall Morris

Not being a side for crack-of-dawn early May days, we enjoyed an excellent evening of dancing with our friends Thelwall Morris who delighted us with many dances and even traditions, such as Moulton, which many of us hadn't even seen before. After a really beautiful sunny day it threatened rain but the magic of the Morris kept it away, albeit somewhat cold. This is always a good venue, and not just because of the free chips. We were down on dancers with two who couldn't dance at all due to incapacities, but that didn't stop us putting on a very creditable show, finishing off with Bonny Green Garters with at least six members of the public joining in. Not sure where they came from as the audience had been noticeable by their preference to staying in the warm pub on this most chilly of May evenings.


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