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Why dance the Morris?

No dance-out tonight so here's a chance to think about why we dance the Morris in the 21st Century.

Why Dance the Morris?  Morris Dancing.

Wherever you are in the country, or possibly the world, it has been said that you are never more than ten feet from a Morris dancer. It's also been said that at least 68% of statistics are totally made up and that's probably one of them. However there are more people involved in Morris dancing than you'd think (check out this map of sides around the world ) and for good reason.

It's fun. You'd be hard-pressed to find a friendlier and more inclusive, non-judgemental bunch of people than Morris dancers and you are keeping an important tradition alive whilst helping it evolve to continue to be relevant today. Oops, bit heavy - sorry, but that is important, it would be a crying shame to see these ancient traditions do anything other than thrive.

Combine that with learning a new skill (it's not as easy as we sometimes make it look!), meeting new people (see above), visiting plenty of pubs (speaks for itself), keeping fit(ish), spreading joy (really most people love to watch), loving the dances, enjoying the music (maybe a song?) and generally having a good time then there is every reason to join your local Morris side.

There are lots of styles to choose from too. Have a look here for bit of a summary.

Kinnerton Morris Men are based in Chester, but there will undoubtedly be a side near where you live.

Kinnerton Morris Men

Morris dancers Chester

Morris dancing Chester


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