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Thelwall Morris Men 50th Anniversary Day of Dance 3rd June 2023

Today we travelled to Warrington to help Thelwall MM celebrate their 50th anniversary. Wow.

We were also joined by Earl of Stamford Morris and Bollin Morris who with Thelwall and ourselves put on a good and interesting display of Cotswold and Border dancing. There was also a lady clog dancer who gave fabulous individual dancing performances. She was excellent. Ruth Bibby.

The weather was superb all day and we all had an enjoyable day out. The final Bonny Green was about 3:30 to finish the formal days events. There were plans to retire to pubs for singing and playing but we decided to call it a day then and caught the 4:17 train home.

Thelwall later reported that they raised £200 in collections for the Papyrus charity.

Kinnerton Morris Men in

Morris dancers Chester

Morris dancing Chester

Kinnerton Morris Men

Morris dancers Chester

Morris dancing Chester


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