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The Boot, Willington, Tarvin, Chester 9th May 2023

Our annual joint evening with Thelwall Morris at The Boot saw a fabulous spring evening with a very enthusiastic crowd and plenty of dancing from both sides. Tonight marked the last evening of regular dancing for our Director of Wooden resources, Roy (Alex) Alexander, who is moving to Somerset at the end of June and will be an extremely hard act to follow in terms of supplying and maintaining sticks for the side. He was presented with a card and copy of Julia Donaldson's the Stick Man to remind him of us. Of course he will always be Kinnerton dancer, there is no escape Alex, don't be a stranger.

Chips were supplied at the end of the evening by the pub and to cap it all Venus shone incredibly brightly in the night sky.

Kinnerton Morris Men

Morris dancers Chester

Morris dancing Chester

Morris dancers Chester. Kinnerton Morris Men, Chester Dance Upton at the Boot
Kinnerton Morris Men, Chester Dance Upton at the Boot, Willington

Morris dance Chester Kinnerton Morris men,. Chester Morris Dancers


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