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Cheshire Show 2024

Well what an organisational shambles! We had been given start times of 10.05 and 2.15 and on arrival all the display boards, official programme and indeed the tannoy announcers had completely different times meaning we'd all got there early and it looked like we were expected to start later and finish really late. A visit to the show organiser's tent was no help as they knew nothing other than what was in the programme. The brass band then turned up after they were advertised to be performing because they'd been given different times (which were the same as ours). Total confusion, but as all the performers seemed to have the revised times we decided to stick with these - despite the tannoys announcing the different ones.

Once all this stress and confusion had been sorted we put on a good show, attracted an enthusiastic crowd and hopefully got the village green off to a good start to the day. Four hours wait until the next performance, during which some watched the excellent jousting and falconry shows. Others performed a double jig for children from the Divine Mercy primary school visiting for the first time from Moss Side. At least the weather was nice.

We then put on another excellent set of eight dances and off home.

Despite it being a mess in terms of organisation and confusion we actually had a really good day. Hopefully next year will be better, these issues haven't occurred before in the twenty years we've been performing there.


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